Saturday, April 2, 2011

You know your a second grade teacher when...

Babbling Abby is hosting a linky party to highlight those special moments that only a teacher would recognize. My last link-up was so fun I figured it was time for another one!

You know you're a second grade teacher when...
- You get called mom a couple times a day by children not of your own.

- You hear your name a million times a day.

- You feel the need to recommend books to random kids and adults.

- You love the school supply aisle.

- You look forward to cutting out your laminating.

- You remind your own children to be respectful, responsible, and safe.

- You are excited for the first snow day or late start :)

- You can't think of your students being with any other teacher besides you.

- You leave school with a smile everyday knowing you made a difference for at least one child

- The last day of school is happy, sad, eventful, and overwhelming.

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