Saturday, April 2, 2011

Do you Snazzy Snack???

After do the basic handwriting practices activities I want something more to motivate my students to apply proper handwriting techniques. Where else to look for great ideas, but searching the internet at the amazing teacher websites. After searching for ideas, I stumbled across one of MY Favorite teacher websites by Christine BainBridge Not only does Mrs. Bainbridge do amazing things in her classroom, but she shares her great ideas with other teachers. So, after visiting her site I began doing Snazzy Snack with the help of her resources and then have furthered my own Snazzy Snacks by finding other fun snacks that kids love. The students are highly motivated to have extra neat handwriting, especially since they have to be able to read their own directions to be able to create their own Snazzy Snack. It wouldn't be right to end March without a Leprechaun Snazzy Snack so we made Leprechaun Pie. To my surprise this was my classes favorite recipe so far :)

Leperchaun Pie
Pistachio Pudding
Chocolate Coin
Whip Cream Topping

1. Make Pistachio pudding according to box instructions
2. Put a scoopful of pudding in your cup
3. Put your chocolate coin in your pudding
4. Put Whip Cream on top
5. Gobble up your yummy treat, and see if your lucky to find a chocolate coin.

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