Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How do you motivate your boy writers?

This year in my classroom I have been following the format of No More "I'm Done!": Fostering Independent Writers in the Primary Grades by Jennifer Jacobson, I absolutely love this book and recommend it to any primary teacher! Using the format Jacobson recommends I have noticed a huge desire in my students urge to write, but I am always looking for more great ideas on how to get those harder to reach students to want to pick up the pencil and write. Here are two books that have really got the boys in my room to become authors.

Check out the author's website with great ideas to use in your room also. This books explores writing Haiku with all the nature loving concepts boys love :)

The boys in my room also love dinosaurs and any amazing animal fact they can find out. In the book Dinosaurs Galore the author uses interesting facts in a rhythmical way to increase the author's voice and appeal to the young audience. My boys are always going back to this book to reflect on ideas for their new stories.

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